Locations in Italy

Locations in Italy

Italy is a country full of history and nature, filled with great scenarios and wonderful places where to get married! We can organize all kinds of weddings: religious (Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Orthodox) or not (civil, symbolic), themed, stylish, historic, colorful, tailor-made to fit a specific passion of the couple such as diving, skiing, cycling…the reception can take place in a villa, in a castle, in a hotel, in a restaurant, in a farm, on a ship, in an aquarium, on a wonderful beach, in a museum.. It’s up to you! The possibilities are endless!

That said, each single region has its own characteristics, its own strengths, starting from the north:


Piemonte is located in the northwestern part of Italy, near the border with Switzerland and France. It is mostly a land of mountains, with the highest peaks and the largest glaciers of Italy, the perfect location for winter sports enthusiasts.

On the other hand though, in this region we also find the Langhe and Monferrato: a succession of hills covered with vineyards, and dotted with villages and castles. Ever heard of Barolo, Chardonnai, Pinot grigio and nero, Muller Turgau, Moscato, Barbera? These are all the wines that are produced in Piemonte and sold all over the world!

Ponds and paddy fields, long rows of poplars and old farmhouses are the typical scenarios of the plains that extend from Novara to Vercelli. Top tourism destination are Lago Maggiore, Stresa and the Borromean Islands, perfect locations for a charming, romantic wedding.


italy-1315871_960_720Veneto extends from the Dolomites all the way to the Adriatic Sea and the river Po delta. The typical landscape here is the lagoon but we can also find long, sandy beaches and seaside SPA resorts in towns such as Jesolo, Bibione, Cavallino, Caorle.

But the reason why almost everyone in the world wishes, at least once in a lifetime, to journey to Veneto is the unique city of Venice, world known touristic destination, visited annually by thousands of Italian and foreigners. This is the ideal destination for a romantic, extraordinarily elegant wedding! Imagine the bride and the groom getting to the venue of the ceremony by gondola (the typical black, long boats) along the canals and the guests waiting on the dock! What a dream!


Liguria lies on the border with France, and is a land of towering mountains and rolling hillscinque-terre-279013_960_720 colored by the green Mediterranean vegetation and overlooking the sea. With more than 300 km of coastline, it encompasses famous touristic destinations such as The Cinque Terre, Genova, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Sestri Levante, with its charming Baia del Silenzio, and Chiavari. Sanremo, the city of flowers, famous for the Italian Music Festival and for its Casinos, Portovenere and Lerici with its great medieval castle, its elegant villas and gardens is a must for any tourist.

A region which offers many touristic attractions: green countryside, sea, mountains as well as a vast culinary tradition and entertainment: the choice is endless! We recommend it mostly for the beautiful coastal seaside, with its cliffs interrupted by small coves and pretty, small, sandy beaches and the colorful fisherman’s villages. Combine all this with a dish of trofie al pesto, fresh fish and a typical focaccia, and you have a dream come true.

Can you imagine getting married on the beach and then having a seafood based reception with great wine and then why not, a midnight swim? Wow!


Thanks to the contPORTOCANALE_LEONARDESCO-CESENATICOrast between the mountains and the seaside, Emilia Romagna offers visitors breathtaking views, both for the eyes and for the spirit, in a mixture of colors and perfumes, of food and wine, of joy and music, cinema and art. This is truly the hearth of the Italian culinary culture, where cheeses such as Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, cold cuts such as Prosciutto crudo, piadinas, tortellini and wines such as Lambrusco are produced and can be enjoyed at their freshest.

Those who love the seaside, and who’s ideal vacation includes sun and fun on the beach, will be extra pleased choosing the Adriatic coast, the longest beach of Europe, where you can enjoy an infinite choice of well-equipped facilities for sports and leisure in towns such as Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica. Also the relax-addicted will find something to do, in famous SPA treatment resorts such as Salsomaggiore and Bagno di Romagna.

If you are looking for a place where you can have a wedding on the beach with amazing food and wine, but with a limited budget, look no further! Emilia Romagna is the perfect place for you and your party!!


Toscana haFL0300231s always been one of the top world destinations for tourists: its landscapes and the incredible combinations of greens, yellows and oranges of its natural scenarios, the artistic heritage and the presence of important historical and cultural centers such as the cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa, make this region a unique pearl, impossible to miss. Not to mention the food and the wine! This is where the famous wine Chianti is produced and exported all over the world!!

Here we can also find long and sandy beaches in the area called Versilia, alternated with rocky cliffs and steep headlands. Of incomparable beauty are the islands Elba, Il Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Gorgona and Giannutri, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, clear blue sea and rich fishing grounds.

History lovers will find it interesting to visit archaeological sites such as Vetulonia and Pitigliano, with their necropolis and vestiges of the Etruscan civilization, Roselle and Cosa with important remains of the Roman period.


Umbria  is a land of hills, mountains and valleys, right at the heart of Italy. Among the most important touristic attractions of the region are Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis and Santa Chiara, Orvieto, famous for its spectacular cathedral, the palaces, the medieval streets and the legendary St. Patrick’s Well, the beautiful villages of Bevagna and Spello and the medieval city of Gubbio, also connected to the life and preaching of Saint Francis. Last but not least, in Umbria we can find Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in Central Italy, and a great number of archeological sites with what remains of the ancient Etruscan settlements.


Marche is a wonderful region in central Italy, with a quite unique and diverse landscape alternating cliffs and caves, unforgettable beaches, hills and mountains equipped with ski resorts. This is the place to be if you wish to rediscover the simple pleasures of genuine things: mansions and farm houses welcome travelers and tourists looking for authentic emotions, food, wine and genuine living.


Latium is a region in central Italy characterized by a predominantly hilly or mountainous territory, that becomes flat and sandy towards the coast. At the hearth of Lazio lies Roma: cradle of the Western civilization and the Christian culture.

The city has always played a fundamental historical, political and even religious role, so much so that in Roman times it was given the nick-name “Caput Mundi” (head of the world), that Saint Peter established it as the center of Christianity and the home of the Pope, making it the only city in the world to accommodate within its borders a foreign state, the Vatican, and that the newborn state of Italy established it as its capital in 1871. Over 16% of the world’s cultural heritage is located in Rome. It is the city with the highest concentration of historical and architectural monuments and sites in the world; the old town hosts overlapping testimonies of almost three millennia and in 1980 was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Can you imagine getting married surrounded by all this this culture and beauty? And what about the food? This is where some of the best pasta dishes, such as Carbonara, Amatriciana and Gricia, originated!!The possibilities are endless!!!


If you are looking famalfi-coast-862299_960_720or mild climate, devine food, music, entertainment, beautiful coasts characterized by a crystalline sea and Mediterranean vegetation and a land rich with cultural attractions and historical sites, look no further than Campania. This is the region of the famous volcano Vesuvius, dark and mysterious, loved for its beauty and feared for its power. The capital of Campania is Naples, renowned for the intensity and passion of its people and the greatness of its food (ever heard of things like pizza, mozzarella and limoncello?). Last but not least are the cities of Sorrento and Amalfi, with their inaccessible coasts and small and hidden beaches and their landscape of terraces overlooking the sea, where citrus and olive trees are cultivated.

A wedding in this region will be an experience none of your guest will ever forget!!


Puglia is a region that can be visited and enjoyed 365 days a year. It has everything a visitor can expect and more: nature, history, tradition, great food and a deep spirituality. If you are looking for natural landscapes look no further than the National Park of the Murgia and the Gargano with its wild forest and lakes. While
Lecce and the Salento region are the best option if you are after archaeological and h
istorical sites, with a vast number of remains from all ages, as well as for young people looking for the right combination of fun&sun.


Sardinia is an island that surprises the tourist with its natural contrasts of lights and colors, a land of ancient traditions, where we find ourselves surrounded by a wild and unspoiled nature, by crystalline waters and rough territories.

The sea is protagonist here, but the choice of accommodation and activities is so vast that the visitor will not find himself without a large number of possibilities for fun and relax. The busiest touristic spots are definitely along the Costa Smeralda with the towns of Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo.

How do you like the idea of getting married on a boat and sail away on the Mediterranean? In Sardinia you can make this dream come true.


Sicily is the largest Italian island, surrounded on all sides by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean seas. It is definitely the pearl of Southern Italy with its unspoiled nature, its mountains, its volcanoes such as Etna and Stromboli, its hills, and especially the incredible colors of the sea. Not to mention it’s culinary tradition with famous dishes such as Parmigiana, arancini and cannoli. Sicilia is not only an island but a treasure to discover, and to live with a personalized tour organized for you and your guests!